MEVA’s adjustable Radius System MAR introduced to the United States

Project: Oregon Water Treatment Plant Lucas County—Oregon, OH

Contractor: HPH/Mosser, Oregon, OH

MEVA Systems: Imperial Wall Formwork, MEVA Adjustable Radius MAR

Engineering and support: MEVA Formwork Systems, Inc. Springfield, OH



Setting the Pace: Water Treatment Plant Construction

The city of Toledo and its surrounding areas have been fighting against algae plumes from Lake Erie in drinking water for several years, culminating in the much publicized Toledo drinking water ban of 2014. As a consequence, the Oregon Waste Water district, just outside of Toledo, began work on a new Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP). The new plant will employ ozone on settled water to break up contaminants into small particles in conjunction with a Biologic Active Filtration System (BAF).

This project required a treatment tank with a radius of 80 ft and over 20 ft in height. Construction had to follow a tight schedule and weather conditions made the schedule even tighter. The new MAR (MEVA Adjustable Radius) system was the perfect solution for the contractor’s needs.

Traditional forming systems for water treatment tanks often arrive on site in hundreds of pieces that require time, manpower, and parts to put together. Not so the MAR which comes preassembled and saves the contractor time and money on every pour.

Pouring, setting and stripping with a team of five workers
The MAR system was delivered to site in easy-to-handle units. HPH flew in the pre-assembled formwork with a crane and made only simple adjustments on-site since the radius was pre-set to the exact specifications. Significantly, HPH was able to stay on schedule despite weather challenges with a crew of just five workers, again saving time and labor. They were able to work on two-day cycles and complete all 8 pours in four weeks.

All Plastic Facing alkus
MEVA Frame Profile
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