17,400 m² tower with 35 apartments on 36 levels.

Project: Condominium tower with 35 appartments on 36 levels with 17,400 m2 living area

Developer: SC Global

Contractor: Dragages Singapore, a subsidiary of Bouygues Construction

MEVA Systems: automatic climbing System MAC

Formwork Engineering: MEVA Formwork Systems, Singapore



Fair-Faced Climbing: The new condominium tower Admore Park

Dragages Singapore, a subsidiary of Bouygues Construction, is building the new condominium tower Ardmore Park in Singapore for developer SC Global. The tower is climbing with MEVA’s automatic hydraulic climbing system MAC. Designed by architect Carlos Zapata and located in Ardmore Park, the 17,400 m² tower will comprise 35 apartments on 36 levels.

The architects stipulated an architectural concrete finish for the core walls because the walls are exposed on some floors. Since the MAC system does not use anchors on the external face of the core walls but pockets on the internal face, the finish is superior to all other external climbing systems.
This is why contractor Dragages chose to use the MAC.

The facade itself comprises a curtain wall with a sophisticated system of directional sun screens intended to regulate light and heat according to the position of the sun. The project subscribes to the principle of sustainable construction, and will be granted Green Mark (1) certification by the Singapore authorities.

All Plastic Facing alkus
MEVA Frame Profile
... more than just formwork
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