St. Jakob‘s Hall in Basel is being revamped with special formwork from MEVA

Project: Renovation and modernisation of the St. Jakob‘s Hall, Basel, Switzerland

Owner: Canton of the City of Basel

Architects and construction managers: Berrel Berrel Kräutler, Basel, Degelo Architekten, Basel

Contractor: Marti AG, Basel

MEVA systems: MEVA WTS wall formwork
system with walers, Special designs

Engineering and support: MEVA Formwork Systems, Seon, Switzerland



Imposing New Skylight Domes

St. Jakob‘s Hall, which opened in 1975, has an area of 22,000 m² for sporting and entertainment events. The hall, which was regarded as a design benchmark at the time, was constantly adapted to the growing demands. Now it is being completely renovated and its capacity increased from 9,000 to 12,000 visitors. The main complex will receive a new, spacious entrance hall closer to the street. Both the functional quality and the architectural quality will be improved: The visitors are to be welcomed in a pleasant and noble atmosphere.

Oval domed skylights
The large domed skylights in the new main entrance area are a particular architectural highlight, giving a lively dynamic to both the inside and the outside. Due to their oval shape, the eight domes with diameters up to 8.90 m and heights up to 4.20 m posed a geometrical challenge for formwork engineering.

Many things are feasible...
...and, at least theoretically, concrete can be poured in any conceivable shape, but at the end of the day the solution must be practical, efficient and affordable. The MEVA engineers developed a solution combining special and standard parts: The special designs consist of differently sized wooden panels with cleats that, together with the frame, support the curved facing and stabilize the panel. The standard parts included walers of the WTS wall formwork system. This system is designed to form curved surfaces. The walers stabilise the panels and serve to connect the push-pull props, which are also standard parts.

All Plastic Facing alkus
MEVA Frame Profile
... more than just formwork
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