MEVA Fall Protection SpanSet

Fast and Ergonomic

Assembling MevaDec slab formwork panels from above requires adequate safety measures and reliable fall protection. This safety harness is attached to two concrete blocks that a securely fixed to the slab formwork panels. This works safely only with MevaDec slab panels and their all-plastic facing panel, as certified by the European certification authority DEKRA. Time and effort amounts to 20 % using this method. 

Features & Benefits
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Features & Benefits

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1: Attachment point including ring bolt
2: Ring bolt 4.0 t, M16, Grade 100
3: Horizontal safety belt 16 m
4: Height protection device
5: Fall dampener
6: Screw carabiner, galvanized steel
7: Lockable carabiner, galvanized steel
8: Protective sheath


The worker secures himself personally via the fall protection harness (4) plus height protection device to the horizontal protection belt (3) between the concrete blocks (1).

  • Comfortable working radius of approx. 190 m²
  • Large slab areas can be assembled without moving the concrete blocks. 
  • All-round fall protection in place. 
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Fields of Application

Better Ergonomics

  • Labour saving working method, less bodily stress
  • Work from above rather than above head
  • Save up to 20% in time and labour

Using the fall protection system SpanSet, you can assemble MevaDec slab formwork from above safely and quickly. 

  • Save time and labour during assembly
  • Requires no scaffolding or lifting equipment especially on high slabs
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Easy assembly

Secure fall protection on two concrete blocks firmly fixed to the MevaDec slab panels. 

  • MevaDec with its all-plastic facing alkus is the only slab formwork that offers this safety option. 
  • Attachment of the concrete blocks to the slab formwork panels approved by European safety inspectors. 
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