MEVA is a family owned and managed manufacturer of formwork technology with an international profile. We supply the contractor community from 40 locations across the world. Our home is in Haiterbach in the northern Black Forest region in Germany's beautiful south west. In the Headquarters we do research and development, production in four plants, logistics, engineering sales and international sales business support.

  • MEVA was founded in 1970 by Gerhard Dingler and became a pioneer in panelised formwork systems. Many MEVA inventions and developments have become industry standard, such as the clamp and the closed hollow frame profile.
  • We are an independent group of companies, family owned and managed in the second generation. Approximately 500 Employees generate annual sales of more than € 100 Mio. 
  • We offer the concrete contractor a comprehensive product portfolio covering all formwork requirements from foundation to high-rise, from hand-set formwork to automatic climbing technology. 
  • We are international and serving the contractor from 40 locations in 25 countries and 10 logistics centres.
MEVA owner and managing directors
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We go beyond manufacturing and supplying a high-quality product. We make the difference...

  • ... by finding the better solution to save costs. 
  • ... by having a keen grasp of your exact concrete forming demands.
  • ... by being passionate and technically creative about your concrete project success.
  • ... by going to the limits of what seems technically feasible to find the better solution. 
  • ... by being and remaining independent, a family owned and managed company.
  • ... by moving forward - the second family generation ensures continuity in our development.
  • ... by ensuring the same high quality standard - certified according to ISO 9001 - across all 40 locations, annually audited. 
  • ... by being a partner to educational institutions and offering a comprehensive training and studying programme.

We have a history of making the difference by setting industry standards and pioneering formwork developments such as

  • the formwork clamp
  • the closed hollow frame profile
  • the double chamber aluminium profile
  • the articulated flange nut
  • the welded-in DW nut in the multi-function profile
  • 100 kN/m² concrete load capacity: Mammut 350 (since 2003)
  • state-of-the-art ACC coating technology on all steel panel frames
  • the all-plastic, 100 % wood-free facing alkus (instead of plywood) in all MEVA formwork systems since 2004, including the rental fleet
  • the first standard formwork for fair-faced, exposed and architectural concrete (since 2004)
  • the ultrasonic measuring device SolidCheck for determining concrete setting time (2013)
  • the first standard modular safety system SecuritBasic (2013)
  • the first compatible circular wall formwork system with steel facing (Radius, 2014)

MEVA is committed to providing know-how for your success when pouring concrete. We are active in all important industry standards committees and organisations.   

  • We chair the technical committee of the Concrete Formwork Quality Control Board GSV.
  • We are the pioneer that developed the concrete pressure standard DIN 18218.
  • We are an active member of the German Concrete and Building Technology Association DBV.
  • We contributed the formwork and facing part to the Guide to Architectural Concrete.
  • We are an active member of the American Concrete Institute's ACI formwork committee, pioneering new standards for exposed concrete finish.
  • We are a member of the European Contractor Organisation CONSTRUCT.
  • We are a member of the American Society of Concrete Contractors ASCC.

We have been distinguished and recognised for making a difference. Distinctions and awards line our company history:

  • Top 100 Company
  • SED Award for Excellence for the alkus innovationn
  • No. 1 Client Winner in the Quality and Service ranking of SOLID 2012

We make the difference by being dedicated to improving safety in concrete works, by cooperating actively with safety authorities: 

  • The Swiss Insurance Safety Commission SUVA
  • The German Worker Insurance Organisation (BG Bau)
  • The Occupational Health and Safety authorities in the USA